Q & A

Wedding Questions

Why do you only take 6 weddings a year?


Booking half a dozen weddings per year allows us to give our BEST to each couple.  By taking on fewer weddings we can give our full attention on the big day and in the editing process.  We also find the turnaround time is sometimes quicker then expected – a huge plus with our couples.  As a family we love to take trips and spend time together exploring beautiful Oregon.  Fewer weddings means we can squeeze those fun trips into our schedules.

Please visit our Wedding page for more info!

Why should I hire a 2nd photographer?


One professional photographer is wonderful.  Having 2 professional photographer to cover and document your wedding day is absolutely IDEAL! With 2 you have twice as many photos from every angle during the event.  Most all of our couples choose to hire both of us and are exceptionally pleased with the results.

When is payment due? Do you take credit cards?


A down payment of $250 is due upon signature of the Wedding Contract – usually during our Pre-wedding Consultation meeting. The remaining portion is due 1 week before the wedding day. We accept cash, check, and credit cards VISA / Mastercard (processing fees may apply).


Portrait Questions

Do you have a studio?


No.  We love to shoot in the natural light outside.  We do have the equipment to do indoor home sessions (such as family & newborn).

What do you recommend we wear for our session?


Bright colors, naturals, & prints are all great options. It’s best to not wear shirts with large logos or prints.  We also recommend not wearing green as it tends to blend into the background outside.  Family portraits tend to look best when there is contrast in the clothing colors (brown, blue and orange for example).

When is payment due? Do you take credit cards?


Payment is due at the time of the session.  We accept cash, check, and credit cards VISA / Mastercard.


Package Questions

Do you offer prints or just digital images?


We offer a wide variety of high quality print products from a professional print company.  Our products range from prints to canvases and metals.  We are happy to exchange any of these products for the “digital images” in your package, or add them in.  Please contact us for a complete price sheet.

What if we want to take something out of a package?


We love to customize our packages for our clients!  We can add/delete anything you like and adjust the price accordingly.

How do I get my digital images?


We use a online company to send each client their digital images.  We include some super simple instructions that walk you through the download process.